New insight into Prostate Cancer susceptibility

New research published in Nature Genetics (February 2014) by Qilai Huang and colleagues gives a new insight into the mechanisms by which men with a specific polymorphism (variation in a gene) have increased susceptibility to Prostate Cancer.

The team involving researchers in Finland, Sweden and China found that the ‘rs339331’ polymorphism is located  within a functional binding site of the HOXB13 gene and  causes an up regulation of RFX6, a protein which is associated with  prostate cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion. Also, their analysis  of prostate tumours found a significant association between the T allele at rs339331 and higher levels of RFX6 mRNA.

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Huang Q et al. A prostate cancer susceptibility allele at 6q22 increases RFX6 expression by modulating HOXB13 chromatin binding. Nature Genetics 46, 126–135 (2014)